There are many things to consider when branding and building a website for your business. We at Queen and Berry have identified 5 major keys when setting out to create your website. This list is in order of importance and should be considered a priority when developing your online presence.

Truthfully asses if you should hire a PROFESSIONAL! User Experience (UX) design is the process of building websites focused on design and user interaction. A well-branded website will not lack on UX design. There are pros and cons to making the decision to building your own site. The pros are you will save money upfront, it is much cheaper to just do it yourself. Nobody will understand your brand and business the way you do lessening the chance of miscommunication dissatisfaction with finished work. You will know how to make changes, update or redesign your site at any time by building your own site. The cons are, you will lose money on the backend if you don’t build the site properly. A poorly designed site can be costly. You will lose a tremendous amount of time. The pros of hiring a UX designer you will save tremendous amounts of time, branding a website properly can take excessive amounts of time outsourcing that work will free you up to do other things. A professional should have a better handle on what goes into designing a site properly. They should have experience and the base was to construct your site that allows customers to spend easily. The cons to hiring a professional are if will cost you money. Good UX designers can be pricey. Potentially the UX designer isn’t able to deliver a finished site that makes you happy. 

CONSISTENCY! Your brand must have it. With your service, product and equally important your website. Your website is the online portal to everything your business represents. If your brand is not recognizable online where 90% of all research begins for consumers you run the risk of losing them before you even get a chance to show off what your business can do. 

Keep it SIMPLE! Keep in mind simple doesn’t mean underwhelming. As easily and efficiently as possible you want to move customers down a path of making a purchase without being confused. The more confused a customer is the less likely they are to make a buying decision. Less is more. You want to display your business with eye-catching design, but not so much design that it clutters. 

Keep your site up to DATE! If your site is the online portal to your business, it makes sense for the information to be accurate and up to date. Having the proper information to be visible is extremely helpful for a business with customer interaction. It may be a potential turn off to a customer to see an advertisement on your site from last years event. When things in your brand change updating the copyright to reflect your change help customer know what to expect from your business.  

TRACK ANALYTICS! One way to gauge how your brand and UX design are performing is to know the analytics. Analytics can consist of many different metrics. There are unique visitors (new people to your site), bounce rate (how long customer engage), repeat visitors. Also knowing your monthly visits increasing or decreasing is all very important information when it comes to understanding the performance of your site. We recommend obsessively understanding conversion rates or understanding how many visitors it takes to get a new customer. Remember what is measured can be improved. Know customer behavior will prove very valuable over time.  

Branding your website is no easy task. You want to put as much time and thought into this process as possible. If done properly your site has the potential to tremendously increase customer engagement and interaction while being an asset to your company. Build wisely!