There are tons of businesses that don’t have a website or have an antiquated site which presents as basic as a business card. Websites, however, aren’t just things, they demand visitors to take whatever action you wish and require updating, constantly.

Do Any Of These Scenarios Ring A Bell?

  1. The new business who does not NEED a website because you’ve determined by updating social media for free, people will find your business? Impossible. Business pages are not being seen on any social media platform, not even by followers, well unless you’re paying for ads, which is a fantastic idea. In the meantime your competition, they’re running ads, have a website and they’re optimizing it. So you’re already really behind depending on how long their website has been live. If you’re doing business this way you’ll quickly find yourself in the Groupon game or out of business.
  2. Your website is out of date. It was a nightmare to build it anyway. The first guy stole your money. The second guy you hired for cheap and you have no idea how to update your new location. You’ve given up on it and are paying for traditional marketing strategies such as sending out mailers, brochures and passing out flyers. They all have a cost and if you make a change they require reprinting. That’s a headache. Plus a website works 24/7, it does not need you for it to be discovered.
  3. You have a newish site however it’s not properly managed. No one is tending to the tedious tasks of updating plugins, making corrections to posts, checking for broken links. Now you have a virus and have to pay a malware specialist to fix it. Irritating right?

Quick Checklist

  1. Create A Website: Hire someone, don’t do this yourself. You’ll inevitably end up in one of the other crab buckets.
  2. Use website grader like Alexa to see where your website ranks. Or Study your Google Analytics.
  3. Make sure your design is fresh to death and current.
  4. Update your copyright language and date.
  5. Have a consistent branding theme. Colors, fonts, and language should all tell a story about your company.

Ready To Make Changes?

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