Chances are you’re reading this blog post on a digital device… probably swiping through the hundreds of articles out there on why digital marketing is crucial for your business, whilst simultaneously scrolling through the ‘gram, giggling at memes of Baby Yoda, Googling movie times for your self care date tomorrow and ordering toilet paper on Amazon. You and your trusty phone swiping fingertips, are exactly what every business thrives on to be profitable, without you even leaving your oh-so-cozy couch. Your business will be no exception.


But let’s decode “Digital Marketing”. Plain and simple, the definition is “advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps”. It’s a phenomenon that has been around for many years but is even more paramount in this new decade than ever before, as our online and offline lives are becoming more intertwined. We’ve all been there where we’re thinking about what scrumptious delights to order on Uber Eats, then two seconds later we see an ad for Panda Express and you’re like “Hot damn. How did you know I’ve got that Orange Chicken on the brain?!?”. It’s everywhere and we can’t escape it. So if you can’t beat it, make it your bitch. So how exactly do we do that? Let’s give you a rundown of the main channels, shall we?

  • Search engines, and making the most out of them. Utilizing that SEO (search engine optimization) and throwing down those buzzwords which are gonna get you to the top pages of that Google search. ‘Cause let’s face it, you’re not getting those visits if your website is on page 9. Nobody gives a crap about page 9. 
  • Social media… love it or hate it you know you want to be #trending. 
  • Blogs! Such as this fabulous one you’re reading (we like your style!) which can inform and market you all at the same time!
  • Online ads – pay per clickedy click, video ads, affiliate links, pop up banners. You know what we mean.
  • Affiliate marketing – make those companies pay you for doing what you love!
  • Email updates, we all love an email with a discount code to save those dolla dolla bills!
  • Electronic billboards – you know, the fancy flashy ones the tourists take pictures within Times Square?
  • The more old school, yet highly effective, tv and radio ads. Classic!
  • Mobile apps, ‘cause there really is an app for everything these days. Take, for example, RunPee. A weird, yet useful app that gives you a warning when dull parts of movies are coming up that aren’t crucial to the plotline, so you can go take a tinkle break. It even gives you a synopsis you can read while you’re peeing and has an astonishing number of titles. Thank me later. 

Sources: Marketo & Awario

Now the big question. What does this mean for my business? It means you’ve gotta get out there, boo! Let’s show these party people what you’ve got! With Google and Facebook making more revenue than any other traditional media, your potential customers are already there ready and waiting for how your product or service is going to make their lives more convenient and like-worthy. You know your product is good, but digital media is the way forward in sharing that love. Of course, we’re a little biased, but there are many services just waiting to help you get started with this mission. A mission we at Queen & Berry would gladly accept. 😉

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