How else can we put it? Right now Social media is everything to a business! When deciding which way to best market your business, it is literally picking your poison. Do you prefer video and need more time to educate the market on how your product works? Then you might want to try YouTube. Or maybe the camera is the best way to demonstrate the beauty of your product. Perhaps short catchy phrases that capture an audience help you go viral, twitter is your place. A growing platform that is taking storm is called Linked In. Geared towards the working professional here you want to put your best foot forward. Or maybe you need all of it wrapped in one, ever hear of Facebook? By the way, they are about 2 billion users on Facebook. Think you can find someone that is interested in what you have to offer? The best part, it’s all free. Let me say that again, FREE. In just a few minutes you can set up an account and be ready to build an audience and market your business. 

Be Engaging And Consistent

It’s great that you can jump on social media to set up an account and market your business and products but don’t think for a second that building and keeping your audience is going to be easy. Of course, you want to be creative, but never underestimate important it is to be consistent and strategic. Your audience and market have to see that your business is reliable and can be there when they need you. We recommend you comment, like and share your followers will love you for it. At Queen and Berry, we suggest making a calendar of when you are going to engage your platform. This will help to not be overwhelmed by the commitment. If this seems overwhelming for you maybe you can find a professional to manage this part for you. 

Data Is Worth More Than Oil!

Are you a data junking? I mean who isn’t? With your user account, you will be able to track metrics and customer engagement. See when your business was viewed liked and shared. See how a particular campaign is going or if visibility is increasing or decreasing. It doesn’t stop there. For the businesses that are looking for maximum growth and potential, feel free to try the paid options. You can get target any demographic. Choose the age, gender, city, state, sex, hobbies anyone you want to go after as a customer you can do it. Even better than that the paid options are flexible for any budget. 

Always Be Informed

Although we love what social media is bringing to the table for businesses, it’s important to understand the downsides and what to do to avoid the pitfalls. For starters, when you market through social media it must be understood that you do not own your posts. They can be reused and shared at any time by anyone. A simple fix to this issue is to engage your audience outside of social media. Collect emails, collect phone numbers, collect addresses and even names. In the event something goes wrong on any platform, for example, god forbid you are suspended or even worse completely banned. You will undoubtedly want to be able to engage your audience.  

The Good Outweighs The Bad

Regardless of things that could go wrong with any of these platforms we are certain that the good outweighs the bad. So much upside potential when a business decides to take the proper steps to develop a social media strategy. So much money has been made and is being made every day. So get your to plan together and attack!

The 411…here are some of the most popular options and what they offer. Take your pick!  


 2 billion users have an active profile and hundreds of millions of people are using it on a daily basis. As a business with an account, you can post comments, post videos, post photos and go live. This platform is governed by likes, shares, and comments and follows. So many options always a good choice.


Probably the most sophisticated platform when it comes to merchandising. You can post photos, go live and comment. Hashtags rule this platform. Name your hashtag and any person searching or viewing that particular hashtag can see your content. Pick your #hashtag wisely.   


Social media for professionals. This platform is built with making professional connections. Post your resume, work accomplishments, and awards and accolades. Show the world what a badass you are. Also take the time to comment, share and like to engage your audience. 


Pictures, pictures, and more pictures. A visual paradise. This platform will bring out the most creative side of your business. People are literally addicted to what is happening in the Pinterest ecosystem. Don’t hold back on your photos here.

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