Our favorite part of the day is researching brands on Amazon. Amazon’s  Handmade Collection is where we find female founders who are killing the game. Recently we discovered Karmalit, a soy candle company that’s on fire. From the minimal design to their commitment to using soybeans harvested from American farmers, this company receives two thumbs up from us here at Q&B.

Planning is the most important part of maintaining brand consistency. Sejal, the founder of Karmalit, spent weeks developing their formulas to create the perfect synergy between scent and memories. Check out behind the scenes of Karmalit’s operation in this Amazon video.


The main color of their brand is purple. Purple is a tricky color to work with, but in the case, they used it sparingly and we appreciate that. We also love the fact that Karmalit is all in lowercase letters while the name of the candle is in CAPS, to us signifying the star is in the scent.

Sejal, has taken social entrepreneurship to the school system. She’s created Smell Good. Do Good which supplies funding to school teachers to purchase items for the classroom through Donors Choose.

Want a custom scent for your brand, Karmalit can accommodate. Check out the custom candles they’ve created for companies like, Facebook.  Overall the brand is fantastic and we are so glad we came across this gem.

Wanderlust Candle

Spring Collection

Founder, Sejal

Amazon About Section:

Not just another candle company Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: the lack of premium, eco-friendly candles that filled a room, but were also affordable. Conscious of our environmental impact, we created a product using sustainable resources and from ingredients harvested ethically. Our wax is extracted from soybeans which are grown year-round by American farmers, making it completely renewable and sustainable. But we want to be a part of something even greater. We created the Smell.Good.Do.Good initiative as a way to stand for something greater, facilitate learning, and to have an impact that lasts beyond our product’s ephemeral purpose.

Amazon Product Methods Section:

Our candles are hand poured in small batches in our Denver, CO studio. Soy candles are non-toxic and burn cleaner than paraffin wax. They also burn slower making them last much longer!

In Her Own Words:

We created the Smell.Good.Do.Good initiative as a way to stand for something greater, facilitate learning, and to have an impact that lasts beyond our product’s brief life. The effect individuals have on each other is the most valuable currency. This is how we serve the world, one flame at a time.”

What People Are Saying:

Amazing smelling candles that burn well (evenly) & make great gifts! Prompt delivery & nice packaging (whether for yourself or, again, as a gift ;))

Kellyn W.

Finally found a candle that smells like the outdoors! This candle smells just like the pine trees in Colorado and fills up the entire room. Great job Karmalit!


Usually, the most important thing about scented candles is the scent. Normally I agree. These candles, though, came with a match striker on the lid of the candle. I can’t overstate just how cool that feature is. It’s useful enough that I would probably order candles from here again just for the convenience. I ordered the Favorite Hoodie and Golden State scents. Golden State kinda reminds me of fresh-cut grass with a woody smell underneath. I would definitely describe this smell as masculine, but my female roommate also really liked the candle.

-Logan W

Brand Info:



Donors Choose

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Branding Color: #51336f #537darkslateblue hsl(270,37,31) rgb(81,51,111)