Queen & Berry

Is your website attracting the right customers to your business? Let us help you create a clear message that vibrates with your ideal customers.


What we do and why we do it

A design studio dedicated to providing a kick-ass visual experience for your brand.


We are fanatics when it comes to creating designs. The love and time that we put into each project is bananas.


We have a responsibility to utilize every tool necessary to create designs that get our clients noticed.


Practice makes perfect. We’re constantly studying and enhancing our skills. Every day we get better!

Our claim to fame

We create high-quality designs for small business owners. Our work is unique, stylish + admired.
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Brand Identity

Brand Identity is the consistent message your company communicates to your audience. This can include, logo, tagline, colors, fonts and reputation.

Color Palette

Choosing  a strong color palette is essential to the overall design. This fundamental building block becomes the star of your visual identity.

Font Design

Fonts tell the story of your companies identity. It’s important to choose a typeface that evokes the overall message of your brand.

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