Your business needs great branding, let’s start with your website!

The decision to have an online presence should be a no brainer for any business. The vast majority of research for a business starts with a search engine like Google.  To simply ignore the reality of how consumers make decisions in this era could be leaving tons of money on the table. The next most important reason your brand or business needs a website is the ability to be open for business all day every day. A website allows a potential customer at their convenience at any time of day or night to discover your brand or business and decide if they want to take the next steps.

Major Key! 

Apart from being a powerful tool that can contribute to sales and revenue a website is an essential way to develop brand recognition and awareness. Your website will be the consistent online presence that any great brand needs. This consistency, in addition, contributes to brand recognition, a very important component of a strong brand. The more your brand is seen the more your brand will be known, and the more likely word of mouth can build traction. Check out which website errors Forbes says drives your potential customers away.

Your website vs. social media

A social media platform does not satisfy the need for a website. Having your business and brand on a social media platform can without a doubt be an advantageous proposition. Enormous amounts of traffic, huge audiences and a great way for customer engagement. The downside you are not in control. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media platform has the ability to change the terms in the blink of an eye. When you own a domain you keep control at all times. Although Google may change its algorithm your site will maintain your brand consistency at all times.

Look at the consistency of these brands! From their posts on social media to their perfectly manicured websites, these brands are bananas good!

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