Field + Farmer, formally known as Here whips up plant-based juices, dips, and dressings and they are amazing.

According to the Field + Farmer website, they made the name change in 2019. There isn’t much information about the rebrand on their site but in our opinion, they made a fantastic decision relaunching with a name and packaging that reflects exactly who they are and what they offer.

Their Origin

“Our story begins with an indoor urban farm called Farmed Here, an early leader in the local-food movement that grew greens and herbs for the Chicago-area market. As a way to reduce waste, we started using our basil seconds to make salad dressing. The dressing was a hit, the brand grew, and we realized that we could have a greater impact and support other farmers if we shifted our focus from growing produce to creating fresh clean-label, plant-based products. And to emphasize the importance of our farmers, in 2019 we officially changed our name from Here to Field + Farmer.”

Field + Farmer’s goal is to bring people closer to their food by making sustainably sourced and produced food that nourishes the body and our planet.

The Here packaging and message sort of reminded us of the Nice brand, hella generic, and no real emotion tied to the great work they are doing by providing quality local sustainable products from family farmers in the midwest.  

Field + Farmer gives us all the feels. It’s direct, to the point. Tells you exactly what’s important to them, the fields they grow the ingredients and the farmers who grow them. The package design is so fresh and the images of the ingredients make you wanna eat it.

The Field

It all starts with the ingredients in the field. We seek out the highest-quality produce we can find for every Field + Farmer dip, dressing, and juice. All of our products contain fresh produce grown by family farmers.

The Farmer

Every time you purchase a Field + Farmer dip, dressing, or juice, you are supporting independent family farms. Last year, half of all the produce that went into our products was local to our facility. We also donate 1% of our annual revenue to support local farmers.

*This information can we found on their website. Photos from Instagram.

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