We have mad love for this Copenhagen designer and it started last year. Our process of looking for brands we love starts with searching hashtags for things we are into at the moment. At the time the entire office was swooning over youtube videos of artists throwing clay on a spin wheel. If you dig you will find it. Boom, one of our assistants came across, Tasja and it was love at first sight.

So what is there to love? Everything. More specifically her craftsmanship is flawless. In her about me section, on her website, she writes, “Hi, I’m Tasja, a ceramicist based in Copenhagen. I lived in different parts of Europe before finally finding my home here. After playing with clay for many years, I decided to make pottery my full-time occupation. I was a workshop assistant in a shared working space/studio in Oslo and after moving to Denmark I became, for two and half years, Eric Landon’s apprentice and later assistant at Tortus Copenhagen. I have opened my own workshop in December 2016.I most enjoy making functional ware. I love to see my work in everyday use and hope you can find something here you’ll want to give a new home to.”

Her functional ware ranges from bowls and cups to vases and teapots. She even has a selection of ramen bowls. Her overall aesthetic is earthy, simplistic with pops of color weaved throughout her collection. She also offers a custom made pieces, bananas. 

“If there are not too many pieces for sale at the moment, please write me an email I might have them in my studio or I can make them to order. I make all items by myself with love and care, it might take a while until they arrive here.” –Tasja P. 

When we at Queen and Berry fall in love with a brand we don’t just fall in love because a brand is popular or because it’s trending on Instagram. We fall in love with passion and attention to detail. Tasja oozes passion and detail. Tasja is truly one of a kind!

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