Branding your social media properly for your business is a game-changer! Social media platforms have revolutionized the marketing industry and the access business have to consumers. Developing a strategy and then executing that strategy can be a make or break for your brand. You will want to find a company that knows the ins and outs with a proven track record but most importantly a company that can deliver. When deciding to attack social media Queen and Berry developed 3 integral components that no matter your strategy will need to be present in your social media campaign. Although these are simply delivering them is not always the easiest task.   

You need to be committed

COMMITMENT: Before you start your social media engagement you must be committed. Social media is done correctly can be supremely effective and inexpensive at the same time, but without committing to the work it takes it might hinder more than help. Develop a strategy for your brand that you can deliver on. Whether you post every day, every other day, or even weekly make the decision what works and stick to it. You can always adjust the strategy as you get better or you see consumer trends you want to take advantage of. When a brand falters in delivering people will take notice. Over time your commitment will be evident to your audience and they will appreciate you and your brand for it.  

Be consistent with your brand across platforms

CONSISTENCY: Your logo design, your message, and customer experience should all be the same across the internet. Delivering this happens on two fronts when it comes to branding. A) You want your branding on all platforms to not differ. When a potential customer sees your business they should be able to recognize your brand from one site to the next. Knowing what to expect is pivotal in consumer behavior and over time it will be appreciated. From logo design to color schemes, messaging and any copyright that is used you want it to be consistent. B) You plan of execution must also deliver on being consistent.  

Define the vision for your brand and your message clearly…

CLARITY: You want your message to be focused, well thought out and easy to understand. Along with being committed and consistent your brand should have pin-point clarity. You want your brand logo, designs, story, message and values to be clearly defined. Does your logo stand out front the crowd? Is it clearly recognized and consistent from platform to platform? Is your logo designed in a way that is reflective of what your company represents? Is your message and value clear? How and why your brand came into existence will resonate with audiences across platforms. Create an emotional connection this can be key for your brands future. Not delivering on this front will be recognized by consumers and may impact your bottom line.

To sum this up a business will want their company and brand to be the same everywhere it is seen. Keeping this commitment to consistency and clarity throughout platforms will serve as a huge advantage to sales. If you have questions on your brand schedule a 20 min session here to get a brand analysis of your company.